Venezuelan Arepas Recipes

Venezuelans prepare arepas according to their personal tastes or preferences and the region where they are made. Are Venezuelan Arepas the best? What do you like them filled with?

  1. Best Venezuelan Arepas Recipes
  2. Types of Venezuelan Arepas
  3. What are Venezuelan Arepas like?
  4. The traditional Venezuelan Arepa
    1. What to fill Venezuelan arepas with?

Best Venezuelan Arepas Recipes

The arepas recipe is a Venezuelan staple that can be used in several ways. The arepa is the type of flatbread made from ground corn or flour. It is recognized as the national snack and has become a popular food option throughout Latin America. In this article, you will discover the history behind the arepa recipe and how to make it at home with ingredients easily found in your home.

Arepas are a Venezuelan specialty. They are cooked roasted, baked or fried in oil or butter and served with meat, beans and cheese. There is no hard and fast rule on how to make arepas because everyone has their own preference on how much salt to add and when to add it, etc. But there is one thing that all Venezuelans seem to agree on: If it tastes good, then it's good.

You can enjoy arepas on their own, or serve them as an accompaniment to any other meal. Arepa recipes are almost unlimited, with many different ingredients and combinations of meats and/or vegetables.

The arepa is a simple Venezuelan food. Arepas can be filled with cheese, chicken, minced meat or even on their own. They are easy to make and you can add anything from vegetables to sweets inside the arepa. On this site you will find a great variety of arepa recipes.

Las arepas venezolanas son un alimento elaborado con harina de maíz, agua, huevos y queso. Pueden cocinarse al horno o a la parrilla sobre una llama abierta, o fritas en aceite. Estas deliciosas recetas de cocina venezolana le ayudarán a crear una variedad de comidas utilizando este delicioso y versátil ingrediente.

Types of Venezuelan Arepas

  • Arepas andinas
  • Arepas Cabimeras
  • Arepas de Arroz
  • Arepas con Carne Mechada
  • Arepas Reina "Pepiada"
  • Arepa Burger o Hamburguesa
  • Arepas con Perico
  • Arepa Pelúa
  • Arepas de Yuca
  • Arepas con Pollo
  • Arepas con queso blanco
  • Arepas con Queso Amarillo
  • Arepas con Jamón y Queso
  • Arepa Rumbera
  • Arepas con Diablito
  • Arepas de Chicharrón
  • Arepas de Pabellón
  • Arepas Rompe Colchón
  • Arepas Fritas con huequitos
  • Arepa Dulces con anís
  • Arepas Llanera
  • Arepa con Atún y vegetales
  • Arepa Catira
  • Arepas con Chorizo
  • Arepas Dominó
  • Arepas Patapata
  • Arepas con Pernil
  • Arepa Sifrina

What are Venezuelan Arepas like?

In eastern Venezuela, the most common varieties are usually between 7.5 and 20 cm in diameter and about 2 cm thick. Larger arepas are also made from white or yellow corn. In the western Andes, they are flatter, with a thickness of 0.6 cm and a diameter of 3 or 4 cm, and are made with wheat flour. Arepas can be eaten stuffed or covered. The stuffed arepa is known as arepa rellena or Venezuelan tostada, although the latter term is no longer used. There are also a variety of sauces with which they can be eaten, such as guasca and picante.

The traditional Venezuelan Arepa

In this video courtesy of Rutas Sabor y Tradición D, we show everything traditional about the arepa in Venezuela and its people.

What to fill Venezuelan arepas with?

There are many possible ingredients and fillings for arepas. Traditional arepas are filled, once prepared, with ingredients such as butter, hams, sausages, pickles, fish or seafood, beans, chopped egg or scrambled egg with onion, tomatoes and occasionally pork rind or chorizo, commonly called "pericos". In addition, arepas can be dressed with homemade sauces to give them more flavor, such as green bell pepper sauce, garlic mayonnaise and hot sauce.

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